Beautiful and Multifunctional Bathroom Furniture

One piece of advice they give us to bring more creativity to the bathroom is to stop looking like a bathroom, shower room and try to incorporate elements from other rooms in the house, it is appropriate to the bathroom Ex. t company. Italian-taking, and I must say that I think this approach really works.
The bathroom is a place that is too traditional, Ex.t solutions for multi-purpose furniture that can be used in any room of the house with the aesthetics of the list in the simple and original, and will. What is just as good as in the living room or bedroom as they do in the bathroom Ex.t designed by the world of design and designers in the international and handmade in small laboratory in Florence. According to tradition, which prioritizes the use of metal, ceramic and wood.
There are some very north of Europe, a feeling which is felt through the choice of colors – Iceland, gray, blue, cloud ice, gray and pink – is used for furniture and light show. collection in 2012.
So how do you feel about a piece of furniture that is multifunctional in the bathroom? This may not be traditional. But I think it looks great!.