Dbox Design The Architectural Renderings

New York based creative agency Dbox showcases some excellent architecture in their portfolio. Though they primarily focus on the non residential segment, there are some striking interior visualizations of luxury housing as well.

Dbox introduces themselves:

It was a class we taught called ‘dialog box, Arch 372′ in the mid 90s. To us it meant something about computer visuals being interactive… being narrative. Only just out of college ourselves, it was an idea about everything we couldn’t articulate but dreamed about in a virtual world of unbuilt architecture and design. Today we draw, direct, compose, shoot, invent, animate and debate, design program brand and strategize, texture map and motion track… always questioning and pushing ourselves to do everything better than we did yesterday.

It is also worth noting that they are the same guys who created the WTC memorial video we featured before.