Top Creativity Bathroom from Meneghello Paolelli Associati

Long gone are the days when the bathroom is the only area in which to work every day to clean up the area of ​​health. The bathroom is a sanctuary for a relaxing get up. They are places where we can retreat to when we feel the need to restore it, we can take some time to yourself and do some much needed relaxation. The bathroom has a spa on the identity of the warning, they are often found in high-end, luxury hotels and resorts. This new role for the bathroom that obviously means that we are likely to spend much time in this room and we also tend to want to fill it with equipment that is more elegant and sophisticated and sanitation. interesting and unusual anymore.
Therefore, designers must come up with new designs and inspiration for our holy places are more elegant. Sanitation is not just a piece of work. But the statement that it will improve the area in which it is placed.
Two designers who excel in this domain, and Marco Paolelli Sandro Meneghello this designer Italian degree in design from the Politecnico di Milano in 2004 from the design studio of its own in Milan in 2006, they have. collaboration with Italian and foreign, including Antonio Lupi, Art Ceram, Fima Frattini and Hidra in the last five years of working together, they, they have been recognized internationally for their work as well. The Red Dot Design Award Design Award The Young and the Design Plus award.