Werner Tscholl : The Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum

Werner Tscholl Architects designed one of several architectural sculptures that are part of the Timmelsjoch Experience in the mountains of Austria.
A road, once a mule track, links the Passeiertal valley and the ztal valley. Over thousands of years, unique similarities between the two valleys evolved, triumphing over the natural boundary created by the mountains. Architectural sculptures located at several stopping places along the road, enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region. Explore the sculptures, expand your horizons, take the Timmelsjoch Experience.
The new Pass Museum on the North Tyrolean side juts out like an erratic boulder into the South Tyrolean side, underlining the cross-border nature of the Timmelsjoch Experience. The “Ice Cave” inside the museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the High Alpine Road and their remarkable accomplishment.
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