Creating the Perfect Writing Space in Your Little Nook

There is a writer in each of us. I’m convinced of that. Even people who don’t like writing, enjoy reading. Those who read often wish they could write books like the ones that bring so much delight into their life.  Many people will never seriously put pen to paper to develop their dream, but for those who do a writing space is the best way to not only feed creativity, but also to find inspiration to overcome writer’s block.

Take a Desk

It starts with a desk.  This might seem obvious but not every desk will suit your purpose. My dream was to own a real writing desk, complete with the pull down front. My dream was to have a desk that when the desk was open ideas would flow.  That dream is still waiting to be achieved, I am still looking for “my desk”.  Yours may be easier to find, but as it is an essential tool of the trade for all writers, take your time and find the desk that beckons you.  You are going to spend a lot of time with it after all.

Take Some Good Light

Ensure the space you choose for your writing nook has good light sources. For most people, natural light is best. It is easier on the eye and there is something rather perfect about writing near a window, where the writer can look out over the landscape (even if that is the next door neighbour’s fence) and find inspiration.  A word, a phrase, something, anything that will stimulate the imagination.

Of course, a desk lamp or other source of artificial lighting is essential for evening work and those long winter days when tucked up in front of a warm fire and with mug of hot chocolate in hand, you can think of no better place to be working whilst others are outside braving the cold.

Take a Pen

All writers carry their notebook with them to jot down thoughts and ideas as they are shopping or picking up friends from the airport.  Portable electronic notepads or journals to write in, suitable and compatible laptops to both work on in the home office and to take to the local coffee shop on “those days” are necessary expenses.

Take a Chair

Having found the ideal desk and placed it in a light and airy position, the choice of seating is the next important decision. Cheap is not always best.  Considering the hours you are going to spend sitting and writing, look for comfort and ergonomics in your choice of chair.  You won’t regret the investment.  Sit in it at the shop and get a feel for it.  You could even pretend you are sitting at a desk writing to see what you think.

Take some Time

Take time now to put it all together and don’t forget to add some pot plants and other accessories like fun bean bags and storage blocks near your desk.  Make it YOUR personal nook!