Dressing Up an Old Kitchen on a Budget

We spend many hours in our kitchens and often they are the last place we think to renovate or give a face lift to.  It takes very little time and just a little imagination to turn an ordinary looking kitchen into something really special.  It doesn’t need to cost a lot either.

Don’t Underestimate a Good Paint Job

A splash of fresh paint will bring colour to a lifeless kitchen.  Paint is relatively inexpensive and unless you are planning to change the existing colour scheme, one coat may be all that is necessary to really make a difference.  Choosing a contrasting colour for the doors and cupboards will give an instant makeover feel to the kitchen and then it’s a matter of adding accessories to finish creating the new ambience.

Choose Your Accessories Carefully

Everyone has their favourite look in a kitchen and how to achieve that look will largely depend on its size and shape.  Before choosing accessories, decide on whether you like a kitchen that has little clutter or a kitchen which is full of useful tools within easy reach.  This decision will assist you when planning shelving, storage and utensil choices.  Clear away unnecessary items for a cleaner, less cluttered look.

Where possible you will want to maintain the colour scheme in your accessories as this creates a nice modern feel to the décor. However, if you have selected mainly neutral paint tones, choose your accessories to enhance the atmosphere you are creating.

If you haven’t changed your colour scheme, many of the old accessories will still work and a few new ones can be added to maintain that sense of newness and freshness. These may be as simple as some new tea towels, curtains at the window or even a clock for the wall.

Improve the Lighting

Many homes have fluorescent or harsh lighting in the main living areas including the kitchen.  Removing them with the help of an electrician and replacing them with softer lighting can create a warm glow that is very welcoming.  Shades and even colours in the lights themselves can add to this effect and help to produce a space that attracts the family to it.

Add Shelves, Herbs and Seating

Kitchens are about sights and smells.  How much more welcoming can a kitchen be than warm with the sights and smells of bread baking, dinner cooking or soup simmering.  The wafting aromas act like magnets, attracting hungry family members, ever hopeful of finding its source ready to eat.  Adding seating to the kitchen will keep those bodies there, provide the cook with welcome company and become the impetus for many delightful conversations.

Add some shelves and line with herbs to bring the garden indoors and create greenery and smells as well as the convenience of ready to use fresh produce for cooking.  Wicker baskets lined with fruit and fresh bread rolls create a country kitchen feel, whilst ensuring healthy treats are always within reach.

Here Are 8 Great Kitchen Interior Designs For Inspiration: