Drop Light Rechargeable Lights For a Perfect Interior Mood

I think light as a function not only lighting the room, would create a different impression if the lamp is used the lamps are unique and interesting. Let’s look at some images below, may be adding to your ideas, and can also as a guide to redecorate your room with the lights of a unique and interesting in order to give the impression that you are attracted to each room.

Drop Light is a new concept developed by the people at DOOlight, who like to mix creativity with function for spectacular results. The idea we are about to present today derived from the need of creating a perfect interior mood. Drop Light consists of rechargeable lighting units called “drops”, which are cordless and heartless. These two features come in very handy, as the user can place the lights anywhere and always be prepared in case of a blackout. The lamps can be used individually, or placed together on a support for stronger lighting. How does it work? Simply touch the edge of the hanger for turning the light on or off, or hold it for a second in order to increase or decrease its intensity. When the lighting is perfect, then you can move on to the next “drop”. Have a look at the photos below to see the project integrated in various interiors and tell us if you find it as pretty as we do.