Pixel3D : Dashing, Artistic Interiors

Does your mind ever thought of making an attractive room design art? Not difficult to create an attractive design in your room. Here are some examples of designs from Michelle Damian. Every art design that’s displayed is really very beautiful. I hope this can make for your inspiration.

If you fancy art in your rooms, you would love the work of Italian visualization artist Michelle Damian. Michelle’s studio Pixel3D produces some great concepts that revolve around art and sculpture. Imagine a lifeless blank canvas, an empty white box, an apartment that has nothing inside coming to life with addition of simple, yet unique pieces. As if painting a three dimensional image on canvas, Pixel3D mixes various media, from plastic to metal to wood, in several shades to make objects pop in the space. The crisp modern lines, transparent plastics, stainless steel details, and those bright colorful accessories really make us drool!