15 Retro Christmas Yard Ideas

There are times when decorating your yard for Christmas the old fashion way is just the best thing to do. I love seeing a home loaded with retro Christmas decorations. Personally, I love to decorate for Christmas. Each year as I am pulling out the bins of last year’s Christmas decorations, it makes you fall deep into nostalgia, or at least it does for me. Christmas is a special time of year for me and for lots of other people because of all the awesome memories that comes with it and with being able to spend time with your family and friends.

There are a lot of ways in which you can decorate your home for Christmas the retro way. Some people add popcorn on their trees, others might decorate the stair rail the old fashion way. Adding Christmas bows and ribbon throughout the home is also something that’s extremely popular to do and that has been done for many generations.

Another retro decoration for Christmas that you cannot forget is the wreath. I think that what makes wreaths so special is that each of them tends to be unique and different. You can make your wreath look completely old fashioned. We use to always get Christmas wreaths that had pine cones in them and red and green ornaments.

One thing that I remember the most is that when my mom would pull down the Christmas nick knack bin. She would put snow globes throughout the home, a manager on top of the mantel for Christmas, angles, little snowmen and she would also have a variety of Christmas candles.

As you can see, decorating the home for Christmas the old fashioned way is much easier compared to the yard. I sometimes have a hard time trying to figure out exactly how to make the yard look old fashioned. You go into stores and see all of the latest Christmas decorations and then you’re not so sure what to do or get to help with going along your theme to make it truly a retro Christmas yard.

For starters, you can add a big Santa Clause in your front of your yard with big reindeer. I say big because we always used the big decorations when I was young but it doesn’t matter what size you actually end up using. If you’re not into Santa but would like more of a retro Christmas religious theme then you can always put a big manger in front of your yard and include Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the animals and some of the old fashioned manger sets also include the wise men. Don’t forget about the gingerbread man.

Instead of decorating the mantle with beautiful garland, to make the mantel piece look more old fashion you can always use cranberry beads and loop those in the strings. This way they can also dangle from the mantle and just look amazing. In the past, people normally would use cranberries before garland was popular. Around the front door of your home you can use poinsettias to go along with the retro Christmas look.

Decorating the yard and giving it a retro theme might not be as hard as you think it is you’ve just mainly got to plan everything ahead of time as to what decorations you want to have. It doesn’t matter if you go retro or not for Christmas the colors for Christmas always remain the same. You can put gold and silver colors in your yard or blue or either red and green. Often times we usually just opt in for the red and green Christmas decorations.

Below you will find 15 retro Christmas yard ideas to help with making it easier for you to decorate your yard this year the retro way.