Teen Room Ideas : Clean Color Combination

Ideas for teen rooms are something young people looking to refurbish their rooms seek. We had a request at home-designing and we hope this post would help such people out. The above 3 images are courtesy of Mazzaliarmadi, Photo by BrightStar Kids we just love the way they have divided the room with titles. Just because it is a teenager’s doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be messy. Photo by Jon Kirkman proves this point. Sheena‘s Room captures us with its clean color combination and utter simplicity. Well, it was a teen room feature and we couldin’t resist putting one of these in! Photo by Taylor Henson Check out the neon Clock and neon Budweiser sign! Wait, Are you listening??

Teen room, an idea raised in the making teen room design is how to choose colors that match the character of youth. Maybe some of the examples below may give you ideas to make your teen room design.