Project Office Loft F27

Schlosser and Partner transformed a two-storey of urban apartment in the Austria, into a multi-functional Office Loft F27 serving as home and absolutly as office.

The blue lighting for design backlight choice is make some different look. Simple and minimalist chair table is look so great. Clean wall enhance the urban apartment with the stronger. But maybe we can se below the full detail and description from the designer.

And now here’s the project description for a Office Loft F27:

The concept “Black or White“ is the underlying idea of a radical new design for an urban apartment in the north of Graz. Modern architecture has transformed a two-storey apartment built in the 1990s into a multi-functional loft serving as home and office. Whereas the owners see the apartment as the perfect fusion of functional and extravagant design, some visitors tend to regard it as too austere.

“Living without walls” was the underlying idea behind the architect’s design that has turned the classic three-room apartment into a flexible living space by removing all interior walls.

The result of moving the living quarters to the top floor was a penthouse-like living space flooded with light through the new “window to the city”. The inside floor covering is continued onto the balcony, which, together with cocoon-like textile walls on the balcony, makes inside and outside spaces melt into one.

The office loft F27 is a modern example of a symbiosis of “living and working” spaces. A few simple changes turn the office space, the flexible sleeping/conference room, the glass sanitary box and the patio on the lower floor into a comfortable office area. The private upper floor can be accessed by a separate entrance from outside. On entering the room you are immediately captivated by the open room concept and the views over the city.

Glass, gravel, flokati, and numerous colourful lighting systems. The walls of the bathroom box are frosted floor-to-ceiling glass, the front sides of the furniture are white plexiglass, which is perfectly suited to being lit by LED panels. Inset furniture boxes and sliding-folding elements are covered in soft, fur-like flokati textiles, which adds a soft touch to the otherwise very puristic atmosphere. Even if it may not be immediately obvious – you have arrived at the architect’s very personal “world of wonders”.

Photos by Croce’Wir