Simple Minimalist Home by i29 Architects

Simple and minimalist is one choice to make home decor, but not everyone likes it. So for those of you who want to try and love the minimalist design there is nothing wrong if we see the image below. Only with wooden walls and a few wall stickers look very attractive.

The interiors of this home by i29 architects exude a sensation of sobriety and comfort in a completely controlled open space. A common feature is that these spaces are stripped down to their most fundamental features with an abundance of natural light and a scarcity of elements in the room. Then, as if with a magic wand, and with calculated judgement, a blotch of a bold color is inserted into the room. The Goal: dominate and reduce any unwanted coldness. Notice how what would otherwise be considered a sterile and/or stale space, is impacted and magnified by a single splash of color, such as red or green, resulting in a look that is both clean and strong with personality. These photos also seem to capture various interpretations of classic pieces of furniture complemented by their color and incorporated into a very contemporary setting where practicality and discretion stand out.
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