Design Tips to Transform Dark Spaces

During the rainy and cold months, most homes are darker than we’d like but for some apartments and houses, this is the case practically all year round. If you can relate, look no further, as we’ve got some practical and easy to implement tips that can help you brighten up these spaces and add new feeling to areas that are often the black holes of the home. Here we explore some of the simplest changes that you can make to these areas.

Incorporate Cost-Effective, Low-Energy Lighting

Tubular floor lights or ecologically friendly dimmers can immediately warm up a space without using too much electricity. You can control the amount of light that reaches the room, offering you different ambiences for different moments.

Change the Structure

In severe cases, the structure of the home will need to be changed in order to bring in light. This is usually the case when a tall construction site has popped up next door or when you’re practically freezing to death by the early afternoon. In these cases, it is best to consider glass sliding doors and a sunroof where possible, as these are the easiest and most effective alterations to make in terms of letting natural light in. They are also less expensive options than refitting all of your lighting fixtures.

Eradicate Obstacles to Light

While you may love the plants that grow on the veranda or the vinyl stickers you’ve had placed on the windows for colour and atmosphere, light is your most important design asset. The lighter your home, the more beautiful it will be, simple. Therefore you need to make sure any obstacles to what little you light you have are removed and that you are willing to get rid of clunky pieces of furniture that may block the flow of this light.

Fake It Until You Make It

If you can’t afford to put in new lighting fixtures or don’t have anything blocking the natural light that comes into the house, you’ll need to try some creative tactics. Bring pastel colours into the home. White is too stark and cream too dull but pastels will bring life and light. Reflective surfaces will also help such as glass tables, white venire etc.

Warm Accents

Plum, orange, mauve and maroon accents are a brilliant way to breathe life into a dark space. By contrast walls, tiles and carpets will seem lighter. You can also bring in mirrors and glass vases as accessories that will stimulate the flow of light in and around the home.

The most important thing to remember is that where you cannot create more light, you will have to create warmth. This will be your saving grace in getting rid of the cold and unfeeling atmosphere that a dark or dingy space holds. By allowing yourself open spaces, reflective elements and the right colours for walls and furniture, you will already see a significant improvement in a boring and lifeless space and you will enjoy living in your home once again.