Turning the Drab into the Cheery – Bringing Light into Your Personal Space

In the current economic environment, home decorating often takes second place to the more urgent necessities of life, like food and clothing for the family.  Yet, the environment we choose to surround ourselves with has an important effect on our emotional well being and that drab space in the lounge room that gets so little use could become the one area where we find strength and calmness to deal with all manner of life’s little problems.

Make Use of Natural Light

A chair that looks old and worn can be lifted with the addition of a pretty throw rug and a bright cheery cushion.  Perhaps the lounge room needs to be rearranged, but put your chair in the brightest spot in the room and preferably near the natural light of the window and bring a little of the outdoors, indoors.  Natural light also has a rejuvenating effect on our bodies and our souls.

Cover a small side table with a plain square of material (most material shops sell scraps for just a few cents) and add a small vase of flowers and a matching candle holder with a tea light candle in a fragrance you adore.  Place the table next to the chair and allow for room around the chair and table to give a sense of space.

Display Your Character

A plastic picnic table is ideal for this purpose.  It’s cheap to buy and, covered with a cloth that tones in well with your throw rug and cushion on the chair, it will provide a place for the all important coffee cup. Don’t forget a cup mat either. These little additions can add your own personal character to the space.  The key is to make it the place YOU want to sit in, pick up a book or write a letter from.

Add some greenery around the chair, maybe with the addition of long vases from a factory outlet and add some long stemmed greenery.  A couple of these either side of the chair will add to the effect of the open window and the proximity of the garden to the house

Make Colours and Accessories Work for You

With the right choice of colours, simple accessories and of the natural light of the window you can lift any space at minimum cost.  Choose colours that lift your mood.  The contrast of colours you choose, should be easy on the eye, restful and not too stimulating, but of course, tone in with the rest of the colours already in the room.

Once you have created your private space, keep it as your own little nook and try to prevent other family members from using it.  Even if this is not possible, psychologically that little corner will have your stamp of ownership on it and be a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a cuppa after a long day at work or whilst the children are taking their afternoon nap.